Port of Hanstholm invites all interested companies to participate in a market dialogue on the construction of wind turbines

The Port of Hanstholm hereby invites all interested companies to participate in a market dialogue concerning a future call for tenders about the right to participate in the planning, development, construction, ownership, and operation of wind turbines at the Port of Hanstholm, together with supplementary activities.

Port of Hanstholm seeks innovative and ambitious companies and cooperation partners, who can contribute through their participation in a market dialogue with valuable input to the Port’s consideration of organizing contestability.

Hanstholm is situated at one of the sharp corners of the west coast, right where the North Sea and the Skagerak meet, with the port lying as the outermost north-western corner of Thy facing the North Sea and the western part of Vigsø Bay between the coast line and the cape called “Hanstholmknuden”.

The Port of Hanstholm wishes to be CO2 neutral and to be the greenest fishing port in Europe. In order to realize this vision, the Port of Hanstholm wishes to create the framework for sector coupling of different industries and thus a future based on renewable energy.

To the Port of Hanstholm’s ambition of promoting green transition, the location at the west coast is optimal for exploiting the energy of the west wind, which may contribute to creating green energy for the business, green fuel for ships, oxygen for aquaculture, and sustainable heat for the local area.

The Port of Hanstholm has a great green potential owing to the optimal weather conditions, which make the area suited for wind energy.

Further, the Port is a potentially important player for the handling and storage of CO2 in near-shore areas, which are currently subject to an environmental impact assessment. The Port has already three 3.45 MW wind turbines and is further continuously occupied within the shipment of turbine components for the National Test Center of large wind turbines, situated approx. 20 km from the Port.

Please find further and relevant information about the market dialogue here:

Market dialogue 
Appendix 1 - Overview map of the Port and City of Hanstholm 
Appendix 2 - Aerial photo of the Port of Hanstholm 
Appendix 3 - Project area intended for the location of wind turbines - not yet finally defined