Filling the pier head with gravel - Thursday and Friday

In late June, the pier head for the Port of Hanstholm's new western breakwater was installed at its proper position and filled with water. Now, the next step is to change the water with gravel for permanent filling, which is expected to happen from the night of Thursday 11 July.

Pier head at right position and port entrance open again

Port of Hanstholm's entrance is again open. However, there will sill be work on and around the pier head for some time, and it is therefore important that ships are cautious and sailing slowly around the port entrance. Also, it is necessary to coordinate arrival and departure with the port guard on VHF channel 12.

Port of Hanstholm closed for up to 24 hours from tonight at 4 a.m.

We point out that the Port of Hanstholm will be closed for up to 24 hours during the installation of the large pier head for the new western breakwater. The closure will start tonight at 4 a.m. (the night of Tuesday), and there will be limited traffic from 03.30.

English webpage for Hanstholm Maritime Service Network

The local maritime service cluster, Hanstholm Maritime Service Network, has now launched an English version of their webpage - making it easier for international vessels and other to find the right service providers at and around the Port of Hanstholm.

Information for vessels: Two temporary buoys without light installed northeast of the port

We make aware of two temporary buoys (without light) located about 1 nautical mile from Port of Hanstholm at the positions 057° 09.361' N 008° 35.720' E and 057° 08.852' N 008° 36.108' E.

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