A World-Class Fishing Port

Port of Hanstholm is Denmark's leading port for edible fish and home to Denmark's largest fish auction.

The port was inaugurated in 1967 and in 2017, the Port of Hanstholm celebrated its 50th anniversary. Even though it makes Hanstholm the youngest port in Denmark, the will to succeed - as well as the courage to try - has always prevailed. In spite of obstacles along the way, the Port of Hanstholm has ensured a strong position.

In an international context, the Port of Hanstholm is already a perfect example of outstanding construction and engineering, but there is a need to futureproof the facilities. Therefore, the port is currently undergoing a large expansion through a development project that will be finished during 2020. The expansion project includes e.g. a new entry to the port towards the north east, a deepening of its waters and new, larger quays as well as hinterland areas.

The port generates around 2,300 local jobs in Thisted Municipality of which approx 1,000 people are employed directly at or by the port, while approx 1,300 are employed in related industries.

The expansion will strengthen the Port of Hanstholm in its efforts as the main driver for business development in Thisted Municipality. It will improve conditions for the fishing industry and is expected to create around 450 new jobs in the years following after the expansion.