Board of Directors

Kirsten Hede, Chairman:

Kirsten Hede has a degree in economics from Roskilde Business School and has completed several board educations at CBS and at Finanssektorens Uddannelsescenter. Kirsten Hede is a daily program director in the CBS Executive Foundation and project director in the Board Leadership Society in Denmark.

Ulla Vestergaard, Deputy Chairman:

Ulla Vestergaard is Social Democratic mayor of Thisted Municipality with extensive political experience from being both city council member from 2010 to 2017, and deputy mayor from 2010 to 2013. In addition, Ulla Vestergaard has 22 years of experience from the danish public-sector trade union FOA including working as both consultant and instructor until 2017.

Peter Skjærbæk, Member:

Peter Skjærbæk is a graduate engineer and works as managing director for Maersk H2S Safety Service. Peter Skjærbæk has an extensive network in the offshore sector both nationally and internationally, combined with several years of experience in board work.

Jan N. Hansen, Member:

Jan N. Hansen is chairman of Hanstholm Fiskeriforening and board member of Danmarks Fiskeriforening. Jan N. Hansen possesses an great knowledge about Danish fishing including many years of practical experience in the fishing industry with his own fishing vessel.

Helle Freundlich Andersen, Member:

Helle F. Andersen is educated lawyer with extensive experience in real estate development combined with several years of experience in board work. Helle F. Andersen is mediator at Codex Advokater and teaches at the Business Academy Midt Vest in Aarhus.

Susanne Kruse Sørensen, Member:

Susanne Kruse Sørensen is head of Esbjerg Airport and former director of Vordingborg Erhverv with many years of experience in business development focusing on strategic planning and execution, business development and international cooperation including port development. Susanne Kruse Sørensen is graduated from CBS and has contributed to the creation of more than 500 jobs in private and public companies.

Rikke Pihl Andersen, Employee-representative:

Rikke Pihl Andersen is educated shipmaster and works as port assistant at the Port of Hanstholm. Rikke Pihl Andersen has worked as officer for a number of years, using her experience to provide advice and services to vessels calling at the Port of Hanstholm.