Single port entry

For ships and vessels loading and / or discharging a shipping company, broker or ship may choose to pay ship fees for each individual call.
The ship fee for single calls is 2.58 DKR Per. GT and the tax are paid in arrears.

Monthly Charges

The shipping fee at a monthly rate is DKK 11.50. Pr. GT the tax entitles to an unlimited number of calls within the calendar month in question.
The monthly fee is paid in advance. Ship's fee at a monthly rate is not refundable, regardless of whether the ship has not called at the port in the month for which the fee has been paid.


ISPS fee

For ships and vessels using the ISPS facilities at Hanstholm Harbor, a fee of:
For vessels up to 2,999 GT, DKK 600 is paid. per. Call
For vessels over 3,000 GT, DKK 1,100 is paid. per. call



The Port of Hanstholm has its own pilot service The cost of pilotage is composed of:

Pilotage Fee

For vessels that are subject to a pilotage obligation or want a pilotage, it is settled in accordance with the enclosed tariff sheet.

Boatman charge

In connection with pilotage, the pilot vessel is manned with 2 boatsmen The fee for this is:

• 750 DKR./per. boatman
• Lines men 750 DKR.


Quay fee

For ships, vessels and floating equipment, which are in port for more than 7 calendar days, a quay fee is paid for each commenced 7-day period, however, at least DKK 500. for each period:
• Second 7 day period 1.65 DKR./BT
For the subsequent periods, the quay fee is increased by DKK 1.65 / BT per. 7 day period until the maximum fee of 24.75 DKR./GT is reached.


Excise duty tariffs for goods

For unloading and loading of goods, excise duty is paid at the following rates:
Main rate: 14.45 DKR. per. ton

Special rate 1: 9.10 DKR. per. ton
• Fishmeal, agro-products and fish oil

Special rate 2: 9.55 DKR. per. ton
• Wood chips, wood pellets, wood (processed and unprocessed)
• Unprocessed metals and scrap

Special rate 3: 4.05 DKR. per. ton
• Stone, gravel and sand

Special rate 4: 15.60 DKR. per ton
• Gas oil

Special rate 5: 40.30 DKR. per. ton
• Mill parts, transformer stations, etc.

Inquiries regarding other types of goods can be made to the port office.


Cleaning up after loading and discharging

Cleaning up after loading and discharging is the responsibility of the landowner and the agent. Cleaning up and cleaning of quay areas and roads must be done immediately after unloading / loading. The port can handle this for a fee.

Disposal is at the expense and responsibility of the landowner or broker.
If clean-up / cleaning is not carried out according to the port's recommendation, this will be done at the expense of the broker and cargo owner.


Fresh water for ships (hydrants)

Water for ship is settled at the following rates:
• Cargo ships 25.00 DKR. per. m3
• Fishing vessels included in the value added tax
Possibly delivery fee for cargo ships is charged by the vessel's broker


Disclaimer on delivery of fresh water

The Port of Hanstholm has set up water hydrants along several quays in the harbor. The Port of Hanstholm delivers fresh water in accordance with the regulations in force at any given time for the supply of water from Thisted Vand A / S.

Delivery of water takes place on the following terms:
1) The Port of Hanstholm is not obliged to maintain a minimum water pressure
2) The Port of Hanstholm / Thisted Vand may close the water in the event of a line break or similar without notice, without claiming liability.
3) In the event of a failure to deliver, the users cannot make a claim for compensation
4) User can not claim compensation due to water quality
5) The hydrants and the washing area are operated with a card system. Users are responsible for the consumption registered in connection with the use of the card.

Supply of electricity to vessels

Electricity for ships is settled at the following rates:
• 1.75 DKR. per. kWh

Consumption is settled according to the power meter in the power cabinets. For sections without a power meter in the power cabinets, the consumption is registered on the vessel's power meter.