Ship fee

Per call, per BT: DKK 2.50
Per month (monthly charge) per BT: DKK 10.25

Ship fee for angling vessels

Fee for vessels up to 50 BT, per month: DKK 2.400
Fee for vessels up to 63 BT, per month: DKK 3.000
Fee for vessels up to 88 BT, per month: DKK 4.100
Fee for vessels up to 145 BT, per month: DKK 6.700

Cargo fee – goods

Normal fee, per ton: DKK 14.20
Cargo group 1, per ton: DKK 9.50
Cargo group 2, per ton: DKK 4.00
Cargo group 3, per ton: DKK 10.75
Oil, etc., per ton: DKK 15.50
Ferry & container goods, per ton: DKK 14.75
Wind turbine components, per ton: DKK 40.00
Information on cargo groups available from the port office.

Space rental

The port itself (west of Kuttergade), m2/per year: DKK 22.50
Areas between Kuttergade and “Stamvej”, m2/per year: DKK 19.50
Areas between “Stamvej” and Molevej, m2/per year: DKK 16.00
Steel ship slipway, m2/per year: DKK 16.00
Areas around the fishmeal plan and to the west, m2/per year: DKK 12.50
Aquaculture area, m2/per year: DKK 14.00
Temporary space rental, DKK/day/m2 (365 days a year): 1 DKK

Car and passenger fee

Passengers, per person: DKK 2.00
Passenger cars: DKK 10.00
Busses: DKK 40.00
Caravans: DKK 20.00

Cargo fee – fish

Sale price (value at the first sale) value, in DKK: 2.40%
Maximum landings, price per landing: DKK 30.000