In the future, fishing takes place on land

The fishing industry of the future will not only operate at sea, but also on land. The need and demand for healthy and sustainable food is increasing in most parts of the world.

For that reason, The Port of Hanstholm’s forward-looking strategy is not limited to the fishing of edible and industrial fish in the nearby waters, but also aquaculture, which – if conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner – constitutes an innovative way of meeting the increasing demand for food.

Making a Positive Contribution

Various contemporary tendencies in the food market make aquaculture an attractive method of production - one of them being ethical concerns such as optimising the utilisation of resources, but also an increasing focus on health and a growing demand for quality food.

In general, aquaculture is a way of meeting society’s increasing demand for environmental safety, preservation of the marine environment, etc., while creating and retaining local jobs. In every aspect, the Port of Hanstholm has the potential to contribute positively to Denmark’s industrial development.

A Natural Strategy

Equivalent to the service area, aquaculture is in line with the Port of Hanstholm’s largest business area, namely fishing, and a natural part of the strategy to develop the port as an innovative and future-proof business. Aquaculture is widely considered to have a huge potential that has yet to be fully realised to the extent that the market and current trends render possible.

Today, there is only a limited amount of aquaculture activities in Denmark, and the Port of Hanstholm will work to secure a branding and market position in the area, which will ensure its competitiveness on a long-term basis.

Aquaculture at Port of Hanstholm

Royal Danish Fish A/S (eel)
Nordre Strandvej 60-62
7730 Hanstholm
Tlf.: +45 96 55 07 00

Sashimi Royal A/S (yellowtail kingfish)
Nordre Strandvej 66
7730 Hanstholm
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