Focus on renewable energy

The Port of Hanstholm is one of the windiest locations in Denmark, which makes it an ideal place to erect wind turbines, as well as acting as a test facility for wave energy.

The port is home to three wind turbines at the area near Roshagemolen breakwater at the eastern end of the harbour – erected by GPP Vind K/S. Each wind turbine has a capacity of 3.45 MW and a height of approx 150 metres.

Furthermore, Hanstholm is only a short distance from one of the world's biggest test centres for wind turbines at Østerild, whilst the port is ideal for the loading and unloading of large wind turbine components.

The frequently windy weather also creates favourable local conditions for waves, which makes Hanstholm an ideal site at which to develop and test wave energy. Close to the port entrance, DanWEC (Danish WaveEnergy Center) is therefore testing prototypes of systems that one day will be able to harvest wave energy from the sea.

Hanstholm is an ideal centre for wave energy due not only to the excellent wave conditions, but also the favourable depth of water close to land and its proximity to Aalborg University, with which DanWEC collaborates. Moreover, the Port of Hanstholm has an excellent infrastructure with various service companies that provide services needed by developers of wave energy.

Around 40 % of all electricity consumption in Denmark is generated by wind turbines, and Denmark is a world leader in the utilisation of this sustainable and renewable energy source. The Municipality of Thisted is Denmark's leading climate municipality and is completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity that comes from renewable energy sources, including wind energy. The port's focus on wind energy therefore complements both national and local ambitions.


Wind turbines

The often windy weather makes Hanstholm a great location for wind energy.

At the Port of Hanstholm three approx 150-metre-high wind turbines were erected at the end of 2017. The wind turbines were established by GPP Vind K/S, which is a subsidiary within the Green Power Partners II Group. The same site was formerly the home of four smaller wind turbines that have now been replaced by the three new turbines, which produce three times as much electricity overall.

The three wind turbines are located near Roshagemolen breakwater at the eastern end of the Port of Hanstholm.

The port is also located close to the national test center for large wind turbines at Østerild which houses a visitor centre:

The National Test Center for Large Wind Turbines
7700 Thisted

Parking: Testcentervej and Plantør Kroghs Vej.

Contact shipping agent regarding loading and unloading of wind turbine components.


Wave energy

The Port of Hanstholm is engaged in the development of sustainable energy from waves. Some of the best waves in the world are found off the coast of Hanstholm, and DanWEC and the Port of Hanstholm are testing prototypes of systems here that one day will be able to harvest wave energy from the sea.

The facilities lie in a 5-square-kilometre dedicated test area just 2 km from the port entrance.

Construction, shipping out, operation and maintenance of the facilities all take place at the Port of Hanstholm.