Focus on renewable energy


The Port of Hanstholm sees a great potential in renewable energy and has an ambition to become Europe's greenest and first CO2-neutral port.

Around 40 percent of Danish electricity consumption comes from wind turbines, and being one of the windiest places in Denmark, The Port of Hanstholm is ideally suited for the production of wind energy. The port is currently home to three 3,45 MW wind turbines and is close to the National Test Center for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild, to which all turbine parts are shipped from the Port of Hanstholm.

The weather conditions also make Hanstholm a good place for testing wave energy, and DanWEC (Danish Wave Energy Center) is testing prototypes of wave energy plants is an area close to the port entry. Windy weather, good water depth, a short distance to Aalborg University and a competent service industy make Hanstholm an obvious test site.