The Port of Hanstholm aims to be Europe’s leading in the market for edible fish

Port of Hanstholm is one of the greatest assets to the Danish fishing industry - and Denmark's leding port in the market for edible fish.

With a short distance to some of the best fishing grounds in the North Sea, Hanstholm is a very attractive fishing port. This is one of the reasons why the Port of Hanstholm is one of Denmark’s largest fishing ports and home to Denmark’s largest fish auction.

Hanstholm is Denmark's leading port in the important market for edible fish, and continues to attract a growing number of Danish as well as international fishermen from the North Sea area. This is due not only to the ideal geographical location and favorable quotas, but also the fact that Hanstholm has consistently upheld high prices on edible fish. Similarly, industrial fishing has developed positively over recent years.

Positive development leads to more positive development, and therefore the Port of Hanstholm will stay on this track in coming years. Today, fishing, transport and supporting services are the port's most important business areas, and continue to play a key part - increasingly together with energy production as well as aquaculture.

It is vital that the Port of Hanstholm evolves and innovates in order to meet the demands of the future for a modern and foresighted port with service as a main focal point. Therefore, the facilities at the port must be kept up-to-date to accommodate larger and heavier vessels. Big investments in expansion as well as improvements of the port infrastructure will therefore lead the way for the Port of Hanstholm's continued growth.

This ongoing development is crucial for the Port of Hanstholm’s ability to continue its positive course and to reach its goal of becoming Europe’s leading port for edible fish.


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