Dialogue meeting with the port users- and partners

The port of Hanstholm hosted Tuesday a dialogue meeting at Hotel Hanstholm, and it was very positive to conclude that approximately 70 participants had accepted the invitation.

Henrik Carstensen (port CEO) gave on the meeting a status on the port organization and informed more specific about the separation of the daily business for the Port and the issues related to the future expected development of the port which has mend, that Henrik Carstensen primary can focus on the existing operation and the very interesting and good development possibilities there are for the existing port. Henrik Carstensen underlined that the port of Hanstholm – in the present set-up – consists of professional and very competent companies which all contributes to the fact, that the port can offer a service chain which is very unique to new and possible customers and partners to the port. With reference to this Henrik Carstensen could confirm, that the goal for Hanstholm port to become Europe’s best and biggest fishing port definitely is realistic.

Finally, the dialogue meeting also was an invitation to network between the many different companies from the port and is was therefore very positive to see, that many companies continued constructive discussions after the official ending of the meeting.