Following the board meeting of 22 September 2014

The Port of Hanstholm’s organisation:
The Board of the Port of Hanstholm has a strong focus on ensuring that the budget for 2015 ensure that the port once again generates a profit from its operating activities.
Therefore, the Board has decided to reduce costs, primarily wages, by DKK 1.8m to 2.0m on an annual basis.
In connection with this decision, the Board assessed the future organisation of the Port of Hanstholm and agreed to hire a new director, reduce staff by two positions and reorganise the duties of some employees.

Owner strategy proposal:
The Board of the Port of Hanstholm has decided to enter into a closer dialogue with the Thisted Municipal Council regarding the adoption of an owner strategy for the port.
Elements of the strategy include outlining the development potential of the existing port, utilisation of the surrounding land areas in the existing and future port, and the establishment of new outer jetties to future-proof the port in relation to demands for water depths and navigational safety, as the Board considers expansion of the port to be a very high priority.

New initiatives at the Port of Hanstholm:
The Board has approved a number of new activities and initiatives at the Port of Hanstholm to support the continued growth of activities in the port. The Board looks forward to the launch of these new activities and initiatives.
The Board supports an initiative to create a network for maritime companies with activities linked to the Port of Hanstholm. The Board looks forward to the development of this network for the benefit of the companies and of the port.

Working environment:
The Board is pleased with the results of an inspection by the Danish Working Environment Authority, which gave the port a “green smiley” rating as a sign of its proper working environment.