The new project is expected to be in operation in 2015

The Port of Hanstholm has signed a lease agreement with an additional aquaculture project. As part of the agreement, the company will establish a 500 square metre pilot project in the port along the street Nordre Strandvej.
The company will conduct a pilot project in 2015, gaining experience that will be used in connection with a 3,000 square metre expansion in 2016 and a 10,000 square metre expansion in 2017. The production is interesting to the other aquaculture companies in the area, as some of the by-products from production can be used as raw materials.

In 2013-14, the Port of Hanstholm signed lease agreements with aquaculture companies whose total operations exceeded 40,000 square metres. The companies have chosen this area in part because it is zoned for acquaculture and is located close to the coast. The port still has approximately 24,000 square metres available for similar companies.
For more information, contact Peter Nymann, Port of Hanstholm