New press release following the port’s board meeting of 21 October 2014

Collaboration for the Port of Hanstholm
At the Port of Hanstholm board meeting of 21 October 2014 a resolution was adopted to encourage companies and customers at the Port of Hanstholm to pull together in efforts to secure a successful future for the port’s development.
It is important that we have a collaboration between fishermen, unloading companies, the fish auction, collection centres, fish exporters and the port to ensure efforts to protect the port. We must be attentive in our daily behaviour towards buildings and equipment and we must ensure sound and timely tidying up of the port. The port’s budget includes a large expense item for the repair of unloading bays at the refrigerated auction halls due to collisions, which we would very much like to minimise. We have installed video surveillance of the bays and in the event of collisions, we will attempt to identify the party responsible for the damages so that costs are charged to the rightful recipient. But it would benefit all if we could change our behaviour and prevent such collisions instead. Similarly, port staff will be more active in ensuring clean and tidy wharfs, as it is in the interest of all that the port is clean and tidy after the day’s work.

Business plan for the Port of Hanstholm:
The Board of the Port of Hanstholm is currently conducting dialogue meetings with a range of stakeholders to collect input for the forthcoming business plan for the port’s development. We expect to be able to approve the first draft of the business plan at the Board’s next meeting on 1 December 2014.

Budget for 2015:
The Board of the Port of Hanstholm is currently conducting a thorough review of the port’s expenses in order to downsize costs and adjust the prices of electricity and water, thereby creating budget improvement of up to DKK 1m. We expect to operate with a 2015 budget with a bottom line profit of DKK 2m-3m, thereby ensuring the port’s ability to launch new facilities and renovation projects, to secure equity and to carry out development of the port.