Transportation by land and sea

The handling and transportation of goods is a core business area for most ports. The amount of goods transported to and from Europe is growing, and the ports are to an increasing extent functioning as transport centres. This is also the case for Hanstholm, which benefits from an attractive location for cargo related activities from the North Sea.

Hanstholm is one of the most important locations on ’the blue motorway’ to Europe, and the shipping route via Hanstholm is the shortest between the European markets and the ports of Norway, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. In other words, there are good transportation conditions by both land and sea.

Our aim of leveraging the synergies between the different business areas to the optimum effect is a natural way of thinking to us, and it is important that the area of transportation keeps up with current developments and continues to provide an exceptional service and a high degree of flexibility. The Port of Hanstholm can handle many types of goods and has experience in transporting raw materials, large wind turbine parts as well the shipment of wood to different destinations around the world.

Fresh fish from fish auctions and production and processing units at the Port of Hanstholm is transported to customers all over Europe and delivered only hours after being pulled out of the sea. The drive to the German border can be completed within one driving period, which ensures an uninterrupted cooling chain from the sea to the dining table.